A thousand muses, a thousand excuses

IMG_0989 copy

The greatest lesson that I’ve learnt as an artist so far and the only advice I’ll offer a fellow artist, if at all I’m asked to, is to ‘Keep Muse At A Distance‘. People live their lives in terms of years while we, the artists, live them in terms of muses. One may live for a thousand days and he shall still have a thousand muses, each one inspiring him, ushering him into another new day full of possibilities. We count our days in them.

A muse liberates your soul. While the world is asking you to run fast, it asks you to slow down and just exist, exist in the nothingness of this moment and pour out your creation – something golden like fire or honey. But with the accomplishment of the creation the muse must leave and the artist must move on, to find another muse, another soul to dwell in, like a ship moves from one harbor to another and thus for a thousand muses you must find a thousand excuses.